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PythonCard on OS X

On April 23, 2002, the first publicly accessible and usable version of wxPython for the Mac OS X platform appeared. We have tested PythonCard in the new environment and find a lot of stuff works. The wxPython port to OS X still has a good bit of work to do, but it's nice to see it coming along so nicely!

Kevin Altis made a blog post about wxPythonMac that covers getting it installed and where to find more information.


Download the latest tar.gz release from


Before you install PythonCard, you need to make sure you've downloaded installed MachoPython and wxPythonMac. Installation for those are covered on the wxPythonMac page.

After those are installed and assuming you've downloaded the PythonCard distribution as described above, you need to open a Terminal window and type:

cd ~/desktop/"PythonCardPrototype 0.6.5"

assuming you've downloaded the PythonCard Prototype to your desktop. Change the path appropriately if you put it somewhere else. (NOTE that the quotation marks are required since the name of the directory has spaces in it.)

Now, in the terminal type

python install

A lot of lines will scroll by as the scripts are compiled and copied to the Python22 lib/site-packages directory. Another PythonCardPrototype folder will be created in the Python22 folder that contains the docs and samples.

*** To avoid the user running into permission issues, perhaps we should have the user make a copy of the docs and samples and put them in their home directory? ***

*** Add section on verifying PythonCardPrototype is installed and runs correctly by launching minimal. ***

Mailing Lists

The main place to follow the updates of wxPythonMac are in the archives of the mailing lists

wxPython Mac and PythonCard - Bugs and Known Issues on OS X

I've created a working scratchpad wxPython Mac and PythonCard Issues page to track progress of work on OS X.

Additional Information

The wxPython Frequently Asked Questions page may have additional information.

Darkworld (aka Darwin) Dangers

If you are a Mac-only thinker with little or no experience in *nix environments, my recommendation for the moment is to avoid this testing phase of wxPython and PythonCard on the Mac. It's ugly down there. For more, see my Web Log on OS X.

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