PythonCard is a cross-platform GUI construction kit that relies on wxPython for its GUI functions.

The main PythonCard web site.

This page will be expanded to cover documentation not already rolled into the main documentation page.

Nine PythonCard Tutorial videos based on the documentation.

To report problems, or to ask questions that are not answered in the documentation or on these pages try the pythoncard-users mailing list

BugReports should go to the mailing list or to SourceForge.

PythonCard08 - release 0.8 to do list, also see the old PythonCardToDoList for items that haven't been migrated to the new list

| PythonCardForHyperCardUsers | PythonCardForWxPythonUsers | PythonCardForVisualBasicUsers |

| PythonCardKnownBugs | wxPythonOSX Issues |

| PythonCardSampleApps | PythonCardEditor | PythonCardEmailApp |

PythonCardLinuxInstall - is this still relevant?

PythonCardNameChange - origins of PythonCard and possible project names that didn't get used

PythonCardReleaseNotification - places we notify when new versions are releases





May 2011: Effort is now underway to renew the push to release a Pythoncard 1.0. Features that have been added include:

Apr 2013: A separate effort was also started to modernize PythonCard, but due backward compatibility issues (new lock & feel, django-models like metaclases, general cleanup, etc.), development has forked in a new project: gui2py. Features that have been added include: Visual GUI Designer, Inspector and Property Editor. Supports Python 2.5 to Python 3.2; wxPython 2.8 "stable", 2.9 "classic" and "phoenix" (py3k). Features advanced pythonic MVC controls (ListView, GridView, TreeView) using list- and dict-like objects; masked and date picker controls; common dialogs; fluid layout using sizers & basic HTML; simplified event model (similar to JavaScript). For more info see Screenshots, Installation Guide and Road Map

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