Rather than simply deleting this wiki page, I'm marking it as out-of-date until the relevant portions can be updated. In the meantime, if you want more up-to-date info on wxPython on Mac OS X you should see wxPythonOSX Issues


For the next week this wiki page will probably be pretty raw, asking as many questions as it answers. Help fill in the answers, point to relevant mailing list posts, web site pages, etc. Then we can point new users to this page once we have the big issues sorted out.


MachoPython 2.2.1 and wxPython Mac 2.3.3 preview builds.


Okay, I need a little help here on the correct terminology for disk images, packages, etc. It seems pretty simple, download the two disk images above. Run the MachoPython package installer (you'll need the admin password). Then run the wxPython Mac package installer (again you'll need the admin password). At this point, both MachoPython and wxPython Mac should be installed and ready to go. How do we have the user verify this is working? Do we need screenshots? Does installation order actually matter? This seems like pretty standard stuff, but I'm too new at this to wordsmith the docs.

Will the wxPython demo be part of the standard distribution? How about documentation? Where will these be located and can the user get to them via the Finder? Should an alias be automatically created in a common user folder that points at the right wxPython folder?

Issues with uninstallaing or overwriting previous installs as new versions are made available?

Fink distribution of MachoPython and wxGTK


It would be nice to cover running wxGTK, pitfalls when wxPython Mac and MachoPython binary above are already installed, etc. I know people using one or the other, but not both.

Bob Ippolito posted: "I don't recommend using Fink's python, I believe it's compiled to support X11 and not OS X's GUI. It won't conflict with your MachoPython install if you don't have source /sw/bin/init.csh in your .cshrc, otherwise you may have to tweak your path to put /usr/local/bin before /sw/bin in your .cshrc."

MacPython versus MachoPython

MachoPython is required for the wxPython Mac binary.

Issues with having MacPython and MachoPython installed? By default both installers create /Applications/ Perhaps moving the MacPython version away before installing MachoPython would work?

Using MacPython IDE as a Python script editor.

Build Instructions

Build instructions by Frank Vercruesse for wxPython Mac.

Running a script by double-clicking in the Finder

You need to associate .py and .pyw files in the Finder. In the Finder, do a "Get Info" on a .py file. Choose the "Open with application" pane and you can set it for all *.py files. Repeat for .pyw files.

Need additional discussion and/or link to mailing list messages on the topics below:

Bill Bumgarner's PythonLauncher

pythonw shell script (probably need some explanation here)

exec /Applications/ $@

limitations of running multiple scripts ???

Running a script in the Terminal

You can also run a script from the Terminal command-line.

open -a python

Note that output from stdout (e.g. print statments) and stderr (e.g. tracebacks) will go to the Console. Both the Terminal and Console apps are in Utilities folder under Applications in the Finder.

The default Terminal shell is tcsh. The default system shell is zsh; there is also a symlink for sh that points to zsh.

Question: Does this mean that if you want to modify the PYTHONPATH that you'll need an additional .login or something besides .cshrc so that you can make PYTHONPATH changes like:

setenv PYTHONPATH ~/pycode

In other words, where should settings be made so that user environment variables are valid for both the Terminal and when running something from the Finder?

Need to add info about alternative invocations, passing command-line arguments to the script, etc.

Editing Python scripts

Mailing Lists

The main place to follow the updates of wxPython Mac are in the archives of the mailing lists

Additional Information

The wxPython Frequently Asked Questions page may have additional information.

Known Bugs

Should we keep a running list here, use SourceForge tracker, the mailing list, or something else?


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