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A Help menu shows up regardless of whether the script has defined a Help menu or not. The Help menu as a Python Help menu item.

When scripts are started the app window appears behind other windows. Will apps need to do an explicit Raise on Mac OS X? [Fixed in]

Where is the wxPython documentation? [It is a separate download]

wxPython Installer leaves behind folders from previous installs in the Application folder.



The "whitespace" around the button is large enough that when using sizers the total button rect will overlap other controls. This may actually be a wxSizer issue. Need to look at more examples. The PythonCard hopalong sample shows it.

[No longer an issue in 2.5]


Doesn't display the Year correctly. See the wxPython demo. wxSpinCtrl appears to work correctly, so I'm not sure what is going on here, other than the Month selector is much larger horizontally than it needs to be.

[Update for] The year is displayed correctly now, but the spinner no longer works, there is a vertical red line next to the spinner, and you can't manually edit the year either.


Hiding the control leaves a "shadow" on the underlying panel. [Fixed in]

wxFile open and save dialogs

Note to self, it looks like the file extension isn't set automatically in file open and save dialogs. I wouldn't be surprised if GTK does this as well so I should probably automatically append the extension to a filename if the user hasn't already done so. This is more of an issue for PythonCard wrappers, so everyone else can ignore this. saveClipboardBitmap sample

wxFontDialog does not show the full range of fonts on Mac OS X. wxFontEnumerator appears to show most, if not all of the available fonts. wxFontDialog needs to show the available fonts and be able to handle wxFont data. wxFont may already work correctly with various controls, this needs to be verified.

SetFont fails for wxButton and wxTextCtrl and other controls


The ShowFullScreen method doesn't do anything on Mac OS X, so there isn't a way to do true fullscreen like you need for slideshow app.

wxImage and wxTheClipboard

clipboard bitmap data is not handled properly [Fixed in]


Hiding the control leaves a "shadow" on the underlying panel. [Fixed in 2.5]

The default font on the basic controls is 11 point Lucida Grande, but wxListBox uses a font size of 12 instead?! In addition, the space between lines (leading?) is too much, so that whitespace needs to be reduced.

The anti-aliasing on a selected line is incorrect. (see demo)


Control key accelerators are automatically changed to Command keys. Alt key changes to Option key don't appear to work, but this needs more testing. Function keys are not supported. There should be a FAQ for accelerator key translation and recommendations for Mac OS X compared to Windows and GTK.

Key accelerators are dropped from the Help menu. I know at one point that the Help menu was getting duplicate accelerators for Help menu items, but I can't remember the what and why of Stefan's changes.

On Windows and Linux, each window (wxFrame) can have its own menubar. However, on the Mac, there is only one menubar, so this must be taken into account as the user activates different windows in an application. Currently, when the user chooses a window that does not have an associated wxMenuBar, the main menubar still changes to show a File menu with a Quit menu item as well as a Help menu. I suggest that for top-level windows such as wxFrames and wxDialogs that don't have an associated wxMenuBar, that the primary window wxMenuBar be used, so the user will see less menubar changes.


In general the Mac controls need extra pixel spacing added to avoid overlap with other controls, especially for the selected state of the control. wxButton because of its drop shadow looks like it might need at least 7 pixels on the bottom and right sides to avoid overlap. The simplest way to see the minimum needed space is to set the background color to something that sticks out like `SetBackgroundColour('lime green')`

[Fixed in 2.5]


Hiding the control leaves a "shadow" on the underlying panel. [Fixed in]


The spinner doesn't actually work and displays a red vertical bar next to the spin buttons, so I assume this is the problem with the wxCalendarCtrl as well.


The height of the status bar doesn't quite match the height of the resize rect for a window in the bottom right corner of a window. Should it actually have the black line at the top? I can't find examples of regular Mac apps with status bars, so maybe this is just going to be weirdness we have to live with, but I would like to see how a native app looks.

[Fixed in 2.5]

Text in a wxStatusBar will have its lowercase characters such as y, g, p, q, chopped off since the text height is too tall for the given status bar space. Perhaps the text could be adjusted up a few pixels without running the tallest cap characters into the top edge of the status bar?

The redraw problem is fixed in, but the text still needs to be moved up a pixel or two.


Text extent calculation is still off causing a bit of an offset with the cursor, but it is most noticeable with the redraw of a line as text is selected.

GetEOLMode defaults to CRLF instead of LF; wxSTC may do this on all platforms, so this may not be a bug. Update, it looks like the EOL mode isn't set correctly on the Mac. On Windows it is set to CRLF when the wxSTC is created and Patrick O'Brien says that on Linux/GTK it is set to LF. On Mac OS X it should also be set to LF, the same as os.linesep instead of wxSTC_EOL_CRLF. [This behavior is documented at so technically it isn't a bug, but I think it should be changed.]

The autocomplete popup window has a variety of problems, in part due to wxListCtrl being used instead of wxListBox.

Sometimes I'm unable to copy and paste between different windows from wxSTC such as PyShell and the PythonCard codeEditor. Is there a clipboard flush problem?


Field contents are not auto-selected, but they are on WXMSW and WXGTK. Is this per Mac OS X user interface guidelines or a bug? [Apple HIG]

Multi-line fields need more whitespace between text and edge of control. It should at least match the whitespace used for single line wxTextCtrl. This might be limited to wxTE_RICH2 as a style parameter? Need to test all the variants. [That's just the way the native control works.]

Using wxTE_PASSWORD style causes crash when control is shown [Fixed in]

The light blue selection around a field leaves a white area as the focus changes between fields. Perhaps a Refresh is necessary as the focus changes?


The slideshow sample in PythonCard is showing an assertion with the wxTimer, but I haven't been able to reproduce this problem in a minimal wxPython sample yet. It looks like it may not be possible to restart a timer and/or the IsRunning() method doesn't always report the state of the timer correctly.

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