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MachoPython is the Unix version of Python for Mac OS X. It is required to use wxPython Mac or wxPython for wxGTK.

The recommended MachoPython distribution for use with wxPythonMac is the one available at

Other distributions:

There are versions of MachoPython, wxGTK, and wxPython for wxGTK available from the Fink distribution. Jacob Kaplan-Moss has a page describing setting up XDarwin, Python and Tkinter on Mac OS X. Bill Bumgarner covers installing Fink along with a lot of other Mac OS X development issues.

Tony Lownds' binaries for Mac OS X

Bob Ippolito's package for Mac OS X


At some point, wxPython will probably work with MacPython. There are also plans to merge the MachoPython and MacPython source trees.

MacPython 2.2.1 at

Jack Jansen's MacPython page

Mailing List

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