I have removed all the old bugs which pertained to wxPython 2.3.x since PythonCard now requires wxPython 2.4.x - KEA 2003-08-06

Mac OS X issues


The wxListBox control does not receive mouseDown events on Linux/GTK nor does the underlying wxPanel, thus the resourceEditor can't drag the List component. This is probably a wxWindows bug and hopefully it will be fixed in a later wxPython release. As of wxPython there is no known workaround.

As of wxPython Hide and Show no longer change control order. This is actually a bug-fix since Hide/Show had a side-effect. However, it means there is no longer a way of re-ordering controls on a panel at runtime short of destroying them all and re-creating them. Thus the order related menu items in the resourceEditor do not change the visual layout; however the underlying resource and Property Editor are changed.

TextArea component

Also broken in wxPython, putting text in a hidden wxTextCtrl that uses the wxTE_RICH2 style (at least on Windows) will cause portions of that control to be shown. The TextArea component uses wxTE_RICH2 so the addresses sample among other things is broken.

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