Boa Constructor (see FAQ also) is a cross platform RAD GUI Building IDE, also known as a "GUI builder". It offers visual frame creation and manipulation, an object inspector, many views on the source like inheritance hierarchies, object methods and properties, html generated from documentation strings, a debugger and integrated help (though much of it is C++ related).

The 2015 release of ver. 0.7.2ß has fixed the dreaded debugger crash of the outdated 0.6 version on

For the latest update (as of mid 2017) see CurrentVersion 0.7.2 beta

If you cannot see the widget-tooltips, consider running Boa as root, which worked here.

The debugger works nicely.

So you run Boa straight fom python-sourcecode, no install necessary nor possible afaik. Debian still delivers the old broken 0.6 version, so no point in starting a package manager for Boa.

Also see BoaInstallGuide for installation help and the BoaFAQ for answers to your questions and work all examples which is real fun.

Please refer to BoaErrata for updates to the released documentation. Boa040Upgrade is totally outdated. Still consider it for hints on necessary code changes to be able to move Boa generated code to Boa 0.4 and later from earlier versions.

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