Q: As of 2017+ what is the state of affairs ?

A: Adapting 2015 Boa to wxPy 4.0 takes one day. The py2 into py3 conversion looks promising and doable also.

However, Monkey Studio (The Py part of it) it just much more powerful than Boa and everybody is flooding to Monkey now. Boa's and wxWidget's (widget inspector) debug capabilities, however, are far superior to what you get from Monkey, if anything. Also it is very easy to combine Boa (or parts of its source) and Monkey for the ultimate Py feel. Follow the regular mailing list via web for speedyness.

Q: I'm stuck. Where can I go for help?

A: There are several resources, depending on the type of problem.

Q: I would like to add separators to my menus, but there doesn't seem be any way to do this in the designer. How is it done?

A: The recommended method is to put a menu entry wherever a separator should be. Edit the produced code and change "id" to wxID_SEPARATOR and "kind" to wxITEM_SEPARATOR for the line that should be the separator. Boa will not remove known wxPython attributes.

Q: I noticed that on the "New" Palette tab there is a wxFramePanel. What is it used for?

A: There is an example included in the Advanced Boa examples, in the Boa directory (Examples\advanced\FramePanels). Also search the Boa help, as there is mention of _custom_classes and Frame Panels on the "Working with generated source code" page.

Q: I've installed the Python help, but it is not accessable from the icon. Why doesn't it work?

A: There was a typo in Explorer.*.cfg:

Q: I get the message "global name 'wx' not defined"

A: As of Jul 2004, Boa Constructor is not compatible with wxPython 2.5.x. Until this is fixed you'll need to revert to wxPython, which can be found at the wxPython download page.

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