/!\ As of 2017, below info is quite outdated. /!\

Hints on how to change the generated code sections of a Boa 0.3.1 (or earlier) file to make it work under Boa 0.4.0-pre.

Currently code generated with Boa 0.3.1 or earlier will not work with Boa 0.4.0-pre as it is using the wxPython 2.5.x code style. The following is a start in documenting what is needed and what tools are available to help.

This is in no way complete, but hopefully it will help someone. I also hope that over time we can make this much more complete so that the transition will become very easy and painless.

Steps to convert a module

* Run the

* Review import statements

* Try to open the file in the Boa Designer, and fix problems as they are reported.


The "" tool written by PaulSorenson has been renamed to "" and is now distributed with the latest Boa 0.4.0 pre version.

You can run the tool from the Boa "Tools" menu by selecting the option "wxPython 2.4 to 2.5 code upgrader".

It allows you to convert a single file or all .py files in a folder/directory.

The tool converts the following:

Other code changes

The following changes are not handled by the tool, i.e. you have to do them by hand - at least at this time. Whenever you find something which is not handled please update this section or send me an e-mail!

wx.Timer constructor change

wx.SplitterWindow change


It some cases it has been necessary to re-indent the file before running it through the updater. You can do this by selecting in Boa the menu option File/Reindent whole file.

I believe that pyparsing gets confused and this shows that e.g. EVT_TEXT(.... gets converted to EVT_TEXself.bind etc or that the converted text does not show in the right place.

The latest version of, delivered as of March 15, 2005 does the re-indent automatically. - Thanks to Riaan.

Note: Using the upgrader on a file which has been partially or totally converted to the 2.5 wx namespace might cause it to generate invalid code for certain things.

Note 2: You might have to get the most current version from CVS.


Please feel free to update this page or send changes you would like added to me at .

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