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Well, I always find it's helpful to have a concrete idea of what something looks like before I start talking about it. Here's a screenshot of a wxGrid in action:

The grid here uses custom renderers (the clock and the colour swatch), and shows both a selection (the dark-blue range of cells in the upper-right) and a cursor (the blue box around a cell in the lower-right).

Although the normal use of a wxGrid is to access data which is in tabular formats, the wxGrid provides mechanisms for mediating between your application-specific storage/representation and the grid's tabular format. The grid shown above is part of a property-editing framework (wxprop) which uses a wxPyGridTableBase to map object properties into a columnar format for access by the grid. Even for applications where your data is already in tabular format, these abstraction mechanisms allow you to intercept and customise data access.

The wxGrid system has the following basic structure:

wxGrid (wxWindows window)

The Major Grid Classes







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