wxPython Wrappers

Here are some projects that wrap around the WxPython API.


Primary Author(s)



Magnus Hetland

wraps multiple GUI toolkits (even java) under one API. Development is currently not active


Mariano Reingart

Both a framework and visual tools: GUI Designer, Inspector and Property Editor. Supports Python 2.5 to Python 3.2; wxPython 2.8 "stable", 2.9 "classic" and "phoenix" (py3k). Features advanced pythonic MVC controls (ListView, GridView, TreeView) using list- and dict-like objects; masked and date picker controls; common dialogs; fluid layout using sizers & basic HTML; simplified event model (similar to JavaScript). Can include wxPython code in apps. Modern PythonCard "fork" hugely enhanced.


Kevin Altis

for quickly creating GUI apps, inspired by HyperCard


Donnal Walter

MVC application framework, designed with clinical applications such as patient tracking in mind, currently in early development.


Hans Nowak

Aims to simplify using WxPython, currently in early development.


Ed Leafe and PaulMcNett

Three-tier business development application framework wraps wxPython making it more pythonic and easier to use. Active development, stable and usable.


Shane Holloway

General XML and CSS skinning framework for wxPython. Image, DnD, docking, inline python; BSD license, mature and stable

Wrappers for Custom Controls and Graphics

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