This guide is about obtaining and running wxPython's Unit Test Suite. For more information on the suite itself, see GUI Unit Testing Project

You can run the unit test suite on your platform in a few simple steps.

Install wxPython

First you'll need to have Python installed (2.4 or above), and wxPython (any version, latest preferred).

You can install wxPython from binaries, or build it yourself from source. The tests will use your default wxPython/wxWidgets installation.

Get the Unit Test Suite

Then you need a copy of the unit test suite.

You'll need a Subversion client if you haven't installed one already. If you're unfamiliar with Subversion or need to install it, be sure to visit the wxWidgets Subversion help page.

Browse the test suite, or check it out with  svn co unittest . The unit test folder is all the code you need to run the test suite.

Run the Unit Test Suite

Once you check out the suite, navigate to its containing directory. Run python and the unit test suite will run with default options. Depending on your platform, you may see a number of frames appear and disappear, and your display may need to be manually refreshed afterwards. Test results will subsequently be output to your console.

There are a number of command-line switches which can be used to modify how the test suite runs. For example, verbosity can be varied, or the results can be output to a file. The results can be output in wiki format for uploading to the Test Suite Results page. Individual tests and modules can be run or excluded from being run. Run python --help for details on these options.

Report Your Results

The unit test suite doesn't have an automatic result reporting mechanism (yet). We use the Test Suite Results page to keep track of the unit test suite's status on various platforms.

If your platform information isn't being represented, or the wiki results are out of date, consider uploading your results. Run the test suite with the --wiki option, and copy it onto the wiki page.


Last but not least, congratulate yourself for a job well done :-)

And if anything goes awry, email frank DOT tobia AT gmail DOT com explaining the situation.

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