Didn't see anything in TheRules against creating personal pages, so here I go. I really like wxPython in terms of what it can do, but find it difficult (even with wxDesigner) to put interfaces together, so I'm here for help from people who find it more natural than I seem to.

For gratuitous self-promotion see my home page and/or the book.

Mostly I am interested in wxPython as an easy-to-use GUI toolkit for Python programs. Sadly, right now there doesn't seem to be any such thing -- I suppose that GUI-based programs just do inherently have a higher degree of complexity than a simple we ask the questions linear computation. PythonCard appears to be a very good start in the right direction. BoaConstructor is quite a good interactive interface designer as far as it goes, and wxDesigner shows promise in manipulating various aspects of sizer-based interfaces. Each gets some things right and some things wrong, and none is very good at everything.

Unfortunately it appears that you either "get" the idea of Sizers or you don't, and if you don't then no amount of playing with the damned things seems to make any difference. The wxPython tutorial is fairly explicit about sizers, and RobinDunn has written the UsingSizers page to help simpletons like me, but I still don't understand how the damned things work. It drives me nuts, because I don't like to think of myself as intellectually challenged. So, anybody want to tell me "how sizers work" in a hundred words or less?


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