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The long awaited wxPython book, wxPython in Action by NoelRappin and RobinDunn, is now available. An e-book version is available from the publisher, Manning Publications who is offering a deal on the e-book/p-book combo, or the paper book can be purchased from many online book sellers, such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or from brick and mortar bookstores in your neighborhood.

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I'm delighted with what I read and just wish that this book had been around two years ago before I wasted time looking at PyQT. Extremely well balanced pace in the book. Will suit both experienced and newbie wxPython programmers.
-- Dermot Doran

I've had the privilege to be one of the early reviewers of this book and what I can say is that it proved to be a very nice surprise. It packs an impressive amount of information and it delivers it at just the right pace. It can be used as a tool to learn wxPython by beginners just as well as it can be used as a reference by the more experienced programmer.
-- PeterDamoc

The book is mentioned on the O'Reilly Radar:
I'm bummed that O'Reilly didn't print the new book on wxPython, wxPython in Action. It's a good book and a great topic. If you buy it direct from Manning, they give you a PDF version of it, to boot (which is great since that's all I want). It's amazing how many things the wxWidgets and wxPython teams have gotten right, that Java got so very wrong. It doesn't hurt anything that Robin Dunn, the lead developer of wxPython, sends an average of 12 (often lengthy) messages a day to the wxPython-users list (and he seems to rest on Sundays). Wow. One sign of a good restaurant is a head chef who will come out and meet the customers! Python really seems to be a good choice for cross-platform development, if you want apps that are relatively small and look like "real" desktop apps.

I recently ordered your book "wxPython In Action," half expecting it to be a rehash of the online documents. Instead I found your book to be an extremely useful and well-written tutorial, and will easily pay for itself ten times over in gained productivity. Many thanks for such a useful book.
--Craig Howard

I've been looking for a rapid prototyping tool for quickly mocking up x-platform GUIs to be fleshed out by a staff of MFC C++ people. I uncritically dismissed wxWidgets, based on what I saw a few years ago. I'd pretty much resigned myself to Qt's commercial license, even though it's overkill for our needs.

Then I found a copy of [Smart, et al]'s book while finishing my holiday shopping at Borders. I admit I've never been fond of C++, so I didn't buy the book. But I was interested enough to ask what I always ask now: "Has anyone done python bindings?" The rest was a simple matter of Googling. Still, if I had only the online wxPythin docs, I probably would have just put this on my sure-I'll-get-to-that-someday list. Your book "wxPythin in Action" is *exactly* what I needed to get going.

In a matter of hours I have gone from installing wxPython to building some really nice mock-ups that are going to shame^H^H^H^H^H light a fire under my MFC-loving staff.

Thank You!
C. Mundi

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