Getting started using wxPython with Ubuntu ( is relatively straightforward and painless. This document describes the procedure needed to go from a standard Ubuntu Hoary distribution (as of 2005 February 26) to using wxPython, although a similar procedure should work for any Ubuntu (or Debian) installation.

Ubuntu's package management system is called "apt". In a terminal window, type "sudo apt-get update" and then press enter and provide your password. This command will cause "apt" to fetch the most up-to-date package listings from its package repositories. Once this is done, type "sudo apt-get install wxpython2.5.3" and then press enter. This command will search the package repositories and install the wxpython2.5.3 package. If "apt-get" complains about not being able to find the wxpython2.5.3 package, then try adding the "universe" repository to your list of package repositories and running the above commands again. You can add the "universe" repository by following the instructions found at

To check that everything has gone as planned, start a Python shell in a terminal window, import wx, and check the value of wx.VERSION.

Installing wxPython on Hoary

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