Wx Docs For Python Programmers

For the time being wxpython relies on the C++ documentation of wxwidgets. Here are some pointers for the beginners so that they could find the needed information easier.

First, wxpython represents the python bindings for wxwidgets BUT that doesn't mean that it binds everything. A lot of wxwidgets classes have counterparts in the standard python modules. If what you're trying to do is not GUI related chances are that you might be better served by a standard python module. For example there is a wx.FileConfig class in wxpython BUT IMHO you should use python's ConfigParser.

Classes in wxpython are like wx.DropSource but when you're looking for them in the wxDocs you should always remove the dot i.e. use wxDropSource.

Remember wxpython wraps only a part of wxwidgets BUT it also provides for classes of its own, most of them implemented in python so if you don't find the class in the wxDocs chances are that the class you're looking for is a custom made wxpython specific class. For such custom classes the best source of documentation is the code of the class itself. Search for it in the wxpython dir from site-packages and take a look at the code, a lot of this wxpython specific classes have docstrings that might help.

More about the wxDocs: C++GuideForwxPythoneers

When you're trying to use/learn a new class(widget) do the following:

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