Visualization Work

Many people here are interested in performing Visualization systems work on top of Python/wxPython.

It's understandable, it's exciting work, and Python/wxPython is a great platform for it.

What we need to do (eventually) is have a seperate wiki for people who are working on these visualization systems. However, in the mean time, we're using the space of the wxPython wiki, with Robin's kindness.

What we need to do in the short term is:

  1. Erase my message to you, (this message,) completely.
  2. Move the contents of wxOGL that have to do with (Visualization on wxPython research) over here.
  3. Make it clear who is working on what, and how to get the source code and in contact with those people.

The summaries, links, addresses, and what not- all over here.

I'm not doing it right now, because I'm working on Wiki systems, not Visualization. But I've been contacted by different people about Visualization systems, because of what I've written here, and really, y'all should be talking with each other. When I'm done in Wiki-land, I can rejoin you all.

USE Wiki. Be bold.

Samir Patil, Erik, put a link here to your work and source code, if at all possible. If the project isn't open, at least tell people about what you are doing.

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