Having won multiple awards and accolades in the professional DJ community and countless reader polls, it’s fair to say that Slipmatt (aka Matthew Nelson) might just be one of the best at what he does. With a significant amount of chart success under his belt and a knack for mixing which has seen his sets sell commercially (famous brands United Dance Anthems) and become broadcast across the country from Kiss 100's radio show, he’s obviously keen to be sure that his equipment will not let him down in the studio or on stage. After a great deal of initial worry about the changeover to being a fully digital DJ, Slipmatt eventually had his mind changed when he got to grips with our Synergy DJ array of computers, that they most recently used as of this year’s Bestival for the Isle of Wight. Here’s what he had to convey about the full buying experience:
“I’d heard the name Synergy for quite some time and that in addition to knowing they are a reputable brand which has a specialised DJ department and great after-sales service reduced the problem with the confidence to begin using considered one of their laptops.
“The changeover about nine years back from vinyl to CD can be expensive, so I was nervous to alter to laptop and controller DJing. I must say, I am so glad I made the modification and at one time I am now a lot more organised with my music and while using Synergy laptop it’s so easy to keep everything copied and safe.
“My Synergy has not let me down and yes it goes with me everywhere now, worldwide and to as many as five or six gigs in the weekends sometimes if I’m within the UK. I also work with a Pioneer DDJ-T1 controller, as well as in conjunction with my Synergy, those things I can now do with both items are immense!
“It’s definitely brought back the joy of DJing once again, much like when I first began over 20 years back ,and with all the latest digital software being updated continuously it’s pushing the boundaries of DJing for the first time!
If like Slipmatt you’ve been considering making the proceed to digital but aren’t sure where to start out or exactly what you’ll need, why don't you browse to our Synergy page and take a look with the new models that we’ve created specifically for DJs.

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