Robin Dunn Fan Club

RobinDunn is my personal hero, he is my role model. I wish I were more like Robin. -- PeterDamoc

I am most grateful to RobinDunn. Without his efforts, my projects would be MUCH more difficult to complete. I'm also extremely impressed by his dedication to the wxPython community and patience with those of us who ask so many questions. I consciously strive to be like Robin in supporting my own software. -- David Woods

I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have without the huge commitment RobinDunn has put into wxPython. He is a true champion of Open Source software. -- Ray Smith

Praise to Rob! His endless dedication to wxPython, especially over such a long time (see: archived mail posts from 1999!) in developing, patching, supporting on the mailing list is amazing. His support on the mailing list and IRC has helped me countless times over the year I've been using wx, and has clarified many issues. Awesome! -- Steven Sproat

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