I need a form of styled text control that allows basic WYSIWYG features:

GetValue() retrieves the plain ASCII text without formatting info

GetRichTextValue() retrieves the formatted text in HTML (or RTF) format or some other suitable standard format

SetRichTextValue() would allow to set the formatted text in HTML (or RTF) format or some other suitable standard format

SetMacros[list of strings] passes a list of strings to that widget - whenever a "macro" string is typed in (space, return) a EVT_MACRO_EXPANSION is triggered passing insertion point (=beginning of the macro) and macro string as parameters

The current bounty is $900. It requires that the code is released under wxWidgets license, hoping that this will become part of the stock wxPython (or wxWidgets, if written in C++) distribution.

$750 from user HorstHerb. $150 from user IanHaywood.

I know this is little money for such widget - but maybe others feel inclined to join the party and increase the bounty? I feel this is a universally desired feature and much of the needed work is probably already done with the styled text control.

There is a link to this bounty from the wxWidgets bounty page. If you increase the bounty here please make sure that you edit the figure on the wxWidgets page as well.

Looks like work is starting in wxWidgets on this - see http://www.wxwidgets.org/wiki/index.php/Development:_wxRichTextEditor

I would be interested in developing this, but have a couple of questions. Please contact me at madden_blake@yahoo.com if interested in me working on this.

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