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wxpython wiki error - test file size with an image or zip



Unzipping files

We implemented some protection for the server against abuse of this feature. Zip files in a Zip file are dropped by unzipping them. By definition of the configuration option unzip_attachments_space, only this total amount of bytes can be used to unzip files. If there are already files in the directory, the amount of them are subtracted from this number. The size of a single file in the archive which will be extracted can be limited using the configuration option unzip_single_file_size. By unzip_attachments_count you could restrict the number of files which are extracted from the zip file.

Not enough free space free

If the resulting unpacked files exceed the limit of filespace for attachments, you get this warning.

Extracted files would be too large

If a file in the archive exceeds the defined unzip_single_file_size then it is not unzipped.


Test files:

Image only:

32_Ko.png = File copied from wxpython wiki - OK

59_Ko.png = File copied from wxpython wiki - OK

167_Ko.png = Server error

288_Ko.png = Server error

355_Ko.png = Server error

Archive zip: = File copied from wxpython wiki - OK = File copied from wxpython wiki - OK = File copied from wxpython wiki - OK = Server error = Server error

Error encountered while copying an image or updating a zip file:


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