wxPython Project Status

The purpose of this page is to give a brief synopsis of the current status of the wxPython project and is to serve as a convenient place for folks to go to learn about current release status and also what's coming down the pipe from the wxPython project.

Last Update: 14-June-2005


It should be noted that wxPython is built on top of the C++ library known as wxWidgets which is a cross platform application framework library, providing abstractions of natvie GUIs, as well as other things needed for cross platform C++ development such as abstractions for threads, files, sockets, unicode and ansi character encodings, etc. wxPython provides Python wrappers primarily for just the GUI classes provided by wxWidgets and expects Python programmers to use standard Python modules for the other types of functionality. RobinDunn, the main wxPython developer, is also highly involved with the wxWidgets project.

Current Release

The current release is and was released on June 4, 2005. A change-log of sorts is available from the wxPython home page here: http://wxpython.org/recentchanges.php. Probably also of interest is the ReleaseSeries page which describes what the wxPython version numbers mean.

Next Release

It's possible that I'll be ready to so a release soon with a few bug-fixes and etc. added since the release. There has been no talk yet of when the next wxWidgets release will be so we may be doing a few 2.6.1.x wxPython releases. I'm also still working on fleshing out some more docstrings for the new Python-specific documentation.

A list of changes for the upcoming release that are visible in wxPython can be seen in the CVS version of the CHANGES doc.

Major Tasks

Some of the major tasks (some are long term, ongoing items) on my todo list are:

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