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If it is not possible to post into the mailing list (for different reasons), you can post or leave a message here.

- my name, date, subject I want to post or answer

- post your full article

- if your technical problem is resolved, please delete it.


xx.yy.2006 - My name - "Radio Buttons: Selection fires no event"

and paste your message here.

Possible alternatves

1) phpBB Messageboard or the like.

For example a forum like wxWidgets Discussion Forum?

This looks is more clear presented, after posting you see your message at once, and you can easily edit/delete your own messages.

2) Use a group created with "Google Groups".

3) Create a newsgruop like comp.lang.python.wxpython?

4) let it be as it is (but it should be reliable).

Any comments?


I think that with relativly few short periods of failure (most of which will automatically catch up with pending messages when the failure is resolved) over about eight years and about 50,000 messages is pretty dang reliable.

Forums are not usable at all when the user is offline nor if the server has problems. Many users do not like forums for these reasons, plus the fact that they have to go get the messages rather than having the messages come to them. (And I mean more than just "watch" notifications or RSS feeds that make you go to the website to do anything anyway.) If there is some forum software that can fully mirror to/from the mail list then I would consider investing the effort to set it up.

Getting permission to have a regular USENET group created is a long and tedious project, requiring a lot of hoops to jump through. Then there is the issue of mirroring the newsgroup to/from the mail list, which USENET does not do for you. Plus we already have the mail list mirrored to the GMane servers which can be accessed via a newsreader if that is your preference.

If it's not clear from the above my main concern is two-fold. Frist having multiple avenues of communication will fragmenting the user-community, unless those avenues are able to mirror messages to each other as the Gmane newsgroup is doing today (or is supposed to be doing if that is truly the source of the earlier error.) Second, with my time crunched as it is I know that if there is more than one avenue that I will not be able to take the time to read or respond to both.

Franz Steinhäusler

I agree with your remarks about the reliability of forums.

Also your concern about fragmentation is justified.

I only wanted to prompt a discussion about it, but with your statement, I also find, that the mailing list is good enough.

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