How to install wxPython

Install Python

The stable release of wxPython requires Python version 2.7. Get it from the official download page.


Installation under windows is especially simple: Run the installer you can get from wxPython and follow the instructions.

Mac OS X

An installer is available on the wxPython site, for both PPC and Intel Macs.

If you wish to build it yourself, you should follow the instruction described here.

A french howto can be found here

If you receive a message about the package being "damaged and can't be opened", then you need to change the security preference setting that is labeled Allow applications downloaded from: to Anywhere.

GNU/Linux - Redhat

You can find RPMs for Redhat (they are working just fine with Mandrake through), at the address wxPython

GNU/Linux - Debian

wxPython can be installed through apt-get by calling apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 or apt-get install python-wxgtk2.6, depending on which version you want. You may have to call this with root permissions. The wxPython demo is in the wx-examples package. However, it is advised to install the demo separately, as described at Using wxPython Demo Code.

Try this:

apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8

Please note that sometimes older versions of wx are installed by using this method See InstallingOnUbuntuOrDebian for how to get the latest versions with apt-get.

GNU/Linux - Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

wxPython 4.0.7.post2 can be installed and does run on Raspberry Pi's Debian variant, Raspbian. It works on Python 3.4 and up. For install instructions Build wxPython on Raspberry Pi.

GNU/Linux - Gentoo

wxPython can be installed through portage by calling emerge wxPython (notice the capital P). The correct command is actually emerge wxpython (without a capital p) as of 11/28/04.

GNU/Linux - Building from the source

You might also want to build wxPython from the source. You have to do this in three steps:

Installing wxGTK from source

wxGTK is the GTK version of wxWidgets. GTK (Gimp ToolKit) is a graphic library used by Gnome, so it is probably already installed on your Linux box. All you have to do is download the wxGTK source from the wxGTK ftp server. Or the wxWidgets website

You might get some errors here if GTK is not installed or if the include files for GTK are not installed (in a Mandrake distribution, gtk+-devel-1.2.8-6mdk.i586.rpm is the rpm that you want to install)

You should now have a compiled version of wxGTK. We want to install it and link it into the system.

Your root password is required here.

it is possible that the library is not installed where wxPython is looking for it. ( In a mandrake 7.2 distribution, you want wxGTK to be installed in /usr/lib whereas it is automatically installed in /usr/local/lib) The solution is to create a symbolic link of the library where you want it to be:

Installing wxPython from source

wxPython website

Your root password is required here.

wxPython is fully installed!

Installing wxPython-Phoenix using pip

Please note that the most up to date information about installing the new wxPython4 wheels is usually located on the main wxPython website at:

Make sure you have recent versions of pip and setuptools installed.

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