Google SoC Project Ideas

NOTE: In recent years, Google has decided to reduce the number of small projects. As a result, wxPYthon will not be applying to be its own project this year. However, the Python Software Foundation (PSF) will be serving as a mentoring organization, and sponsoring a large number of python projects. wxPython projects will, or course, be welcome. We suggest that you use the wxpython-users and wxpython-dev lists to find a mentor and discuss your project ideas. Once you've got things nailed down, you can apply to Google under the PSF umbrella.

This pages lists some suggested projects that could be proposed and implemented by participants of the Google Summer of Code program. Don't take this as restriction however, we will gladly accept work in any of these areas by others not participating in the Summer of Code too! :-) Please add any ideas youy may even, even if you can't mentor it -- someone else may want to.

Proposals for Summer of Code projects not on this list will be gladly reviewed as well.



Soc Proposal Guidelines

The application could have similar sections as in the following:

E-mail Address:
Project Title:
Project Goals:
Project Benefits:  How does your project benefit Python and its community?
Project Tasks and Deliverables: Break your project into tasks or pieces.
     Describe in detail what you plan to accomplish and what the results will be.

Project Schedule:  Estimate how long your project will take and how much time you
     have to dedicate on it. Try to establish a timed roadmap of the tasks to do.

Personal Statement:  Tell us about yourself.  Describe why you are better than any
   other applicant for this project.

Tips for prospective students

Please try to not underestimate the scope of a project, but also not to overestimate it. Make working on your wxPython project your main activity for the entire summer, as to not go over deadlines. When writing your proposal, keep in mind that you aren't the only one writing one. We will have to accept a certain number of applications, so you have to make your application stand out to be selected.

Joining SoC

Note: You cannot be both a student and a mentor, the reasons why are available here.

Students who want to join and apply can find more information here.

Anyone who wants to become a mentor can find more information here.

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