GenericWinDirCtrl can be used to place a directory listing (with optional files) on an arbitrary window. The control contains a wx.TreeCtrl representing the directory hierarchy, and optionally, a wx.Choice containing a list of filters.

GenericWinDirCtrl is not derived from wx.GenericDirCtrl. Instead, it only aims to replace the latter with 'nicer' icons under msw, what means that:

- All icons are real 16x16 icons (not downscaled 32x32 icons);

- Executable files, cursors, animated cursors and icons themselves are shown with their own icons;

- The default icons for folders, executables and other files are read from system files.

The constructor and methods work (mostly) in the same way as for a wx.GenericDirCtrl so that both remain interchangeable.

Downloads, screenshots, demo and more info can be found at:

It also requires the Python for Win32 Extensions. If you don't have them installed you can find them at:


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