Fonty Python

Manage your fonts on Gnu/Linux.

Fonty Python is licensed under the GNU GPL

As a designer, I missed the ability to view and keep lists of fonts in easy-to-use collections. With this program you can assign/remove fonts to/from a 'pog' (from the word typography) and then install the pog. All the fonts within it will be linked within your $HOME/.fonts directory. When you are done using them (in other applications), you can simply remove the pog, and all the links will be removed too.

It's great for keeping your fonts organized on a per client/project/job basis. It also keeps "font clutter" in your font choosers down to a minimum.

It is written as a mixed command-line/gui application at the moment, allowing very quick use. You can install/remove pogs without having to start the entire gui, which is neat.

FP is now on version 0.2.0 and has a complete user interface.

You can get it here: FontyPython

Please let me know what you think of Fonty Python, and help me fix bugs and improve the app.

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