This class is an extension of the wx.StatusBar in the wxPython distribution. It allows the user to insert virtually every wxPython control inside the status bar of a frame. It is highly customizable, with a lot of options.

What it can do:

  1. Almost all the functionalities of wx.statusbar are still present;
  2. You can add different kind of widgets into every field of the enhancedstatusbar;
  3. The addwidget() methods accepts 2 layout inputs:
    • horizontalalignment: this specify the horizontal alignment for your widget
    • verticalalignment: this specify the vertical alignment for your widget,

Thanks to Matthias (Nitro), now (22 September 2005) EnhancedStatusBar supports runtime replacement of widgets. Very nice enhancement of EnhancedStatusBar!

Downloads, screenshots, demo and more info can be found at:


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