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Many people new to wxPython have trouble locating information for implementing a specific feature. Since there are 10,000 "specific features" this can be difficult for them since no single information source exists. Over time people have compiled their favorite documentation sources they use time and again to learn new "nitty gritty" details to get their job done.

I’ve found the fastest resource to find specific information of any kind to be Google Search. For example, to get a working example of a wxPython ToasterBoxWindow simply search Google for the following case-insensitive phrase :

Google Search works best using four or less words and short, double-quoted phrases – more than four often causes erratic results. Creating a good search phrase is a skill learned through practice. Once in a while I just can't figure out a concise search phrase and searching through the many good info sources listed below doesn't turn up anything useful. At infrequent times like these asking real living human beings at the wxPython-users Group is the best bet. Be as clear as you can and follow the guide to asking good questions. First create for yourself a free GMail email account. This way you'll be able to easily attach your sample code to your question "thread" that you are creating. Also, by signing up with the wxPython-users Group you can elect to receive the questions and the associated responses from everyone else. This is a great way to build up your wxPython coding repertoire.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

Be sure to download and install the wxPython Demo for Windows module.

The following is a composite of several people’s “brain dumps” of documentation sources for both wxPython and Python. The listing is in no particular order and there may be repeated links. From Commentary of wxPython online docs.

DevPlayer - Jan 9 (2011) - This may be helpful to others needing information from the online wxPython docs;

I presume the documentation of widgets will at times list specific widget styles and events and at other times other wxPython widget docs will not. When I don't find the wxPython docs complete I go to:

This I use PyCrust to check if what's in other websites docs is in the wxPython package. Yeah, I know a lot of hunting for info. It is what it is, for now.

Mike Driscoll - I compiled a list of links too for wxPython documentation:

Even More Sources:

The wxPython Wiki

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