Deploying your application

The following will give you some pointers to what's needed to deploy a wxPython-based application to machines which don't have Python or wxPython installed.

Process Overview

First ensure that your application runs correctly in your development environment, then use one of the freeze tools to generate a "frozen" version of your application.

Test your "frozen" application on your development machine and when this works create an installer to package your application to be deployed, then use this installer to test your application on a machine which does not have any of the development tools installed.

The actual process to accomplish the above is a bit different depending on the OS platform used, so we'll dedicate a page to each freeze tool to explain the details and we will also include some tips on how to use InnoSetup to create an installer.

Freeze tools






I will start working on the py2exe and InnoSetup pages as this is the freeze tool and installer I am most familiar with, anyone else wanting to create pages for the other tools please feel free to do so.

Please feel free to provide suggestions to any of this either on these pages or via the wxPython-user list or to werner.bruhin at

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