This page contains links to Demo programs that are or will be "complete" applications.

By a demo, I mean an abstract application that operates on dummy data with a contrived, artificial data model but similar to what you would find in a real application.

By complete I mean having robust functionality that a complete application should have including

The Demos



Current Status

DemoA displays items and allows edition of one or more sets of attributes of an item

Incomplete - Missing features - Creation of new content items - Updating of existing content items- Persistent storage of data. If you would like to work with me to help make it complete, e-mail me. We may move the development of the demo to sourceforge if necessary.


A Small editor application with accelerators, icons, & file info

SmallApp is a small application that shows a few additional items usually found in Windows Applications but missing from most samples or 'getting started' type projects: Accelerator keys, more typical File|Open parameters, more event handlers, frame & application icons, and application file information. It also includes the py2exe scripts and files needed to package it as a Windows executable.

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