Building Debian Packages

If the Ubuntu/Debian release or the architecture you are running on is not supported by the wx APT repository, (see InstallingOnUbuntuOrDebian) then you can get the source packages and build your own set of binary .deb packages that will work on your machine. You just need to install the build tools and development packages needed by the wx build. (Note: Add a list of prerequisite packages...)

Once you've got all that installed you need to get the wxwidgets2.8 source package files. One way to do that is to just browse around to find an appropriate source directory and then download what you need directly. Another way to do it is to let APT do all the work for you. For example, just add the repository to your sources.list file as described on InstallingOnUbuntuOrDebian and then run this command:

    apt-get source -d wxwidgets2.8

This command will unarchive the source tarball and apply any patches that may be associated with the release (adjust as needed for version numbers):

    dpkg-source -x wxwidgets2.8_2.8.4.0-5.dsc

Finally you can use this command to build the binaries:

    cd wxwidgets2.8-
    fakeroot debian/rules binary

When it's all done there should be a bunch of *.deb files in the parent dir (where you downloaded the source package at) which you can install using dpkg.

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