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I'm quite interested in wxPy, and get a little farther with it everytime my interest flits back to it. I'm quite interested in expanding the tutorials once I get a little bit more confident at anything past the simplest wxPy guis. The ObstacleCourse is a great idea.

I'm currently using Mac OS X 10.3 here.

Other than that, go look at my website for more about me.

Progress on ChallengeInstall: I'm going to wait on the mailing lists for now :/ created this account, this page :) Panther ships with Python 2.3 :) installed wx for Panther from SF, ran the demo, clicked widgets :) grabbed tarballs of wxGlade and PythonCard for later ... installed Boa from cvs, cp'd to wacky mac-specific directory, runs :) added my JID to this page :)

on to ChallengeTutorial ...


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